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Basic Components of an LED Light

Generally, LED Lights are manufactured in different stages.  Here are the main components

  • LED Chip – The source of the lightning
  • Power Supply or the Driver
  • Printed Circuit Board for LED’s
  • Housing or the frame – to encapsulate everything in one unit
  • Consumables required

Let us understand about the LED Chips. Its source of the lighting.  These chimps are manufactured with very high-end machinery using compound semiconductor materials.  Chemical names are gallium arsenic (GaAs) and gallium phosphate (GaP) which is one of the raw materials.  The CHIP is stored in a certain way in an air-tight packing so that its quality and life are protected.

There are different types of LED Chips.  The types are called by their shape or size.  For example, 2830, 3030, and 5050 are some types.  3030 means the width and length of the chip would be 3 mm X 3 mm.  and so on.

PCB for LEDs: The LED Printed Circuit Board is placed where the LED chips are mounted in a particular series and parallel to attain the required Voltage and current.  Each type of LED has a particular voltage.  The driver and the PCB design have to be matched to work at the optimum level.

LED Driver:  The Power Supply or the LED Driver is the heart of the LED lighting fixture.  The like of the product mainly depends on the quality and suitability of the LED Driver.  The core part of any driver depends on the Integrated Chip or the IC and its dependent components. There are few IC manufacturers which are used in the industry including Fair Child, BP Semi, etc

Housing also plays a key role in the overall quality of the product.  Especially if the product is outdoor, like a street light or flood light, or garden light, its role is more.  All the LEDs generate heat.  The heat has to be dissipated as quickly as possible.  That is the reason the majority of the quality manufacturers use aluminum or aluminum alloy in their manufacturing like ADC 12 grade.  The body also should have a gasket to protect it from moisture and rainwater.

Consumables including wires, screws, heat sink compounds, etc. also play a major role.  The wires are generally of high end quality and sustain up to 200 degrees temperature.  The screws must be stainless steel.  If you take the item back to the manufacturer after 5 years, they should be able to open it.  Hence the screws have to be rust-proof.

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