COB Lights

Anti Glare, 36°beam Angle

Body- Black, White

Anti Glare, 36°beam Angle

Reflector -Black

Body- Black, White

Fixing type

Body- Black & White combination

Adjustable Illumination Angle up to 45°

Light in Weight

Anti-Glare and Anti Scratch

Beam Angle 90°

Reflector- Copper &Black &White

Beam Angle 360°

Body - White &Black

Beam Angle - 15°/24°/36°/60°

Reflector -Black

Body- Black, White

Beam Angle- 24°/ 36°/60°

Body- Black & White

Beam Angle 15°/24°/40°

Body - Black & Rose Gold

Cob Lights illuminate homes, offices, and commercial spaces, Ranging from 1W to 60W, they offer various shapes and hues. With a diverse range of colours and beam angles from 15 to 120 degrees, They’re the top choice for architects and interior designers to infuse spaces with light.

  • Light Intensity is High 
  • Beam Angle from 15 degrees to 90 degrees is possible
  • Best Look and Feel

It can be easily installed in a false ceiling with Ordinary Electrician by using Clips.

  • Villas, Apartments, Commercials, Offices
  • Chip on Board is used
  • 120 Lumens per Watt

Housing Specifications

  • Size is  2.5 inch to 7 inch
  • Reflector Beam Angle is 15 degrees to 120 degrees 

Driver specification

    • HPF Driver 
    • Surge protection of 2.5 KV
    • Voltage range 180 to 260
    • Power Factor > 0.9
    • Short Circuit and Open Circuit protection

LED AC COB Down Light

Suitable for Hall, Pooja Room, Corridors

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LED AG COB Down Light

Suitable for Hall, Bedrooms

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LED PG COB Down Light

Suitable for Commercial Spaces and Offices

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LED Trim COB Down Light

Suitable for Hall, Bedrooms

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LED Brezza Cob Down Light

Suitable for Hall, Bedrooms, Dining area, Pooja Room

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LED Pullout Cob Down Light

Suitable for Wall elevation, Dining Table and Objects

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LED Deep recessed Cob Down Light

Suitable for Hall, Bedrooms 

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LED Cob Down Light

Suitable for Commercial Spaces, Offices, Washroom front side  

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