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GLO LED – Making different types of Led Lights for home decorative purpose

Good lighting is one of the simplest ways to elevate a space, making your design feels more intentional and your room looks more spacious. People often fall into the Small space design trap of function-over-form. But following rules too strictly can leave your

Space feeling a bit lifeless. Personal touches are what make an apartment feel like home, so go

With what feels right, and keep these small apartment lighting ideas in mind while you shop.


15w Slim panels Ro/Sq 17*8mm profile


12w slim panels Ro/Sq hanging lights


12w slim panels 17*8mm profile hanging profile


12w slim panels 17*8mm profile 17*15mm profile


Surface panel

Category – Villas, Independent Houses, Apartments

  • Good home lighting makes your space comfortable and functional – it guides us to our destination. And the ambience and the mood of a room is also governed by the lighting in it.
  • We have three types of lighting
  • Reading Lighting
  • Rest lighting
  • Functional Lighting
  • Different types of color temperature:
  • Cool White -CW-6500K (Milky white)
  • Natural White -NW-4000K (Moon Light)
  • Warm White -WW-3000K (Sunlight Light

Reading lighting: Reading light used for reading purpose.

Generally we used CW in hall

Rest lighting: Rest light used for rest purpose

Generally we can use WW and NW in Bedroom and Dining hall

Functional/Party Lights: Functional lighting/Party used for decorative purpose Generally we can use functional lighting in hall, outside club house Indoor functional light can be used RGB profile and Rope light RGB Outdoor functional lighting can be used RGB Flood light, hanging light.

Technical Suitability


Generally LUX required for Indoor

Applications (AREA)










Pooja room




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