Square Poles

  •  GLO LED making Poles with MS pipe of Apollo Make and using 2 mm to 5 mm thickness and having high quality welding with Smoothly grinded. GLO LEDs have powder coating and Spray painting facilities.
  • GLO LED Makes different types of poles as below 
  1. Tubular Poles
  2. Square Poles
  3. Octagonal Poles
  4. Z-type Poles 
  5. Solar poles
  6. High Mast poles
  7. Decorative poles
  8. Garden poles
  • Rust free for 10 Years 
  • High Tensile strength 
  • High End design and High end powder for coating

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  • Village streets, Garden area, foot path, Highways, Commercial, Industrial, Gated Communities

Tubular poles specification

MS material

3 step design

3m to 7m height range

Single and double arm choices

Octagonal poles specification

GI Material

Octagon design

5m to 11m height range

HiMast poles specification

With & with out Motor

Longer distances

11m to 25m height range

Stadium Mast Pole specification

3 sections with Motor

Focused light with narrow beam

11m to 30m height range

Lamp Posts specification

Decorative models


Wider product range.

Tubular Pole

Suitable for Real estate Ventures, Village roads

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Square Pole

Suitable for Gated Communities,Apartment

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Octogonal Pole

Suitable for Coastal Areas, National Highways, District highways, Ventures,Village Highways, Airports,Industrial Zones,ILas

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Z-Type Pole

Suitable for Gated Communities, Projects, Ventures, Airports, Villa Projects, 

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High Mast Pole

Suitable for Village & City Junction roads, Sports Stadium  

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Solar Pole

Suitable for 

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Decorative Pole

Suitable for Footpath, GatedCommunities,Parks  

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Garden Pole 

Suitable for Parks, Garden, 

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Foundation Bolts, Base plate, Double Arm, Single Arm 

Know more about poles

Street light poles are the backbone of street lighting, and their use case extends from providing adequate lighting to the beautification of urban spaces. As a manufacturer, GLO LED caters to a wide range of poles, with mounting height ranging from 3m to 30m.  The material used is MS, GI and zinc galvanization.

The height of a street light pole varies from the kind of area, type of street, type of LED light fixture and lighting requirements.

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